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Journal of the Korean Wood Science and Technology. Vol. 52, No. 3, 2024

Original Article
Fused Filament Fabrication of Poly (Lactic Acid) Reinforced with Silane-Treated Cellulose Fiber for 3D Printing
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2024;52(3):205-220.
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Effect of Ethanol Fractionation of Lignin on the Physicochemical Properties of Lignin-Based Polyurethane Film
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2024;52(3):221-233.
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Density Profile and Sound Absorption Capability of Ceramics Manufactured from Sawdust, Chaff and Charcoal: Effect of Carbonization Temperature and Mixing Ratio
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2024;52(3):234-242.
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A Scientific Analytical on the Ancient Shipwrecks Degradation Products Excavated from Underwater: Focused on Sulfur and Iron Degradation Products
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2024;52(3):243-261.
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The Application of Entomopathogenic Fungi Metarhizium anisopliae, Beauveria bassiana, and Trichoderma harzianum for Coptotermes curvignathus and Cryptotermes cynocephalus Termite Control in Indonesia
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2024;52(3):262-275.
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A Study on the Tool-Trace of Wooden Storage Facilities in Sabi Baekje through the Reproduction Experiments: Focusing on the Adze, Chisel, and Saw
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2024;52(3):276-288.
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The Effects of CO2 Enrichment on the Radial Growth of Pinus densiflora
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2024;52(3):289-299.
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