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Journal of the Korean Wood Science and Technology. Vol. 51, No. 4, 2023

Original Article
Influence of Composition of Layer Layout on Bending and Compression Strength Performance of Larix Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2023;51(4):239-252.
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Mechanical Properties of the Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Distributed in the Korean Market
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2023;51(4):253-269.
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Characterization of Low-Temperature Enzymatic Reactions through Heterologous Expression and Functional Analysis of Two Beta-Glucosidases from the Termite Symbiotic Bacterium Elizabethkingia miricola Strain BM10
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2023;51(4):270-282.
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The Antitermitic and Antifungal Activities and Composition of Vinegar from Durian Wood (Durio sp.)
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2023;51(4):283-294.
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Environmental Suitability for Conservation and the Risk Period for Fungal Damage of Wooden Cultural Heritages in Korea
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2023;51(4):295-308.
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Effect of Vascular Bundles and Fiber Sheaths in Nodes and Internodes of Gigantochloa apus Bamboo Strips on Tensile Strength
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2023;51(4):309-319.
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