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Journal of the Korean Wood Science and Technology. Vol. 49, No. 2, 2021

Original Article
Evaluation of Flexural Performance According to the Plywood Bonding Method of Ply-Lam CLT
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2021;49(2):107-121.
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Prediction of Indoor Radon Concentration through the Exhalation from Korean Yellow Residual Soil, Hwangtoh as a Building Material
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2021;49(2):122-133.
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Potential of Neutral Extract Prepared by Treating Pinus radiata Bark with NaHCO3 as a Dyestuff
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2021;49(2):134-141.
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Synergistic Antifungal Activity of Magnoliae Cortex and Syzyii Flos against Candida albicans
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2021;49(2):142-153.
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A Fundamental Study of the Silla Shield through the Analysis of the Shape, Dating, and Species Identification of Wooden Shields Excavated from the Ruins of Wolseong Moat in Gyeongju
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2021;49(2):154-168.
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Crystallinity of Low Molar Ratio Urea-Formaldehyde Resins Modified with Cellulose Nanomaterials
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2021;49(2):169-180.
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Evaluation of Withdrawal Resistance of Screw-Type Fasteners Depending on Lead-Hole Size, Grain Direction, Screw Size, Screw Type and Species
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2021;49(2):181-190.
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Challenges of Wood Modification Process for Plantation Eucalyptus: A Review of Australian Setting
J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 2021;49(2):191-209.
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